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  • Why use airlaid paper?

    Why use airlaid paper?

    Airlaid paper, also known as airlaid pulp non-woven fabric, is a dry-laid non-woven fabric. Airlaid paper has unique physical properties, such as high elasticity, softness, hand feeling, excellent verticality, extremely high water absorption and good water retention performance.From its English name...

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  • Why is non-woven fabric so popular?

    Why is non-woven fabric so popular?

    Non-woven fabrics are formed by directly forming a fiber web from fibers or polymer particles, and then consolidating the web. Non-woven fabric is broadly defined as a sheet or net structure in which fibers or filaments are entangled by mechanical, thermal or chemical means. They are flat porous she...

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  • Wide range of uses of non-woven fabrics

    Wide range of uses of non-woven fabrics

    There are non-woven fabrics almost everywhere you sit or stand. It can be a coffee filter, tea bag, mask, diaper, lens paper or other similar things. The current pandemic situation pays more attention to this fabric, but its market has been growing for many years.Non-woven fabric is the oldest and s...

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  • Uses of disposable bed sheets

    Uses of disposable bed sheets

    Nowadays, environmentally friendly bed sheets are becoming more and more popular, especially among medical service providers. It is clean and simple to use, giving users peace of mind. What are disposable sheets? As the name suggests, disposable sheets are sheets that can be thrown away when necessa...

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  • Use of wet wipes and disinfection wipes

    Use of wet wipes and disinfection wipes

    It is necessary to use wet wipes to clean your hands. Wet wipes are useful when there is no water around or you cannot go to the toilet and wash your hands. When working in an office or dining in a restaurant or car, wipes are ideal. It is safe for different types of skin and will not cause allergic...

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  • The difference between towel and face towel

    The difference between towel and face towel

    Facial towel is a category of towels, which is usually a piece of loop fabric material with different thicknesses with holding power. Looped textiles with towel weave. The characteristic is that it feels soft and has good water absorption. The raw material is mainly natural cotton, and some products...

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  • Application Of Disposable Cleaning Wipes

    Application Of Disposable Cleaning Wipes

    Although Disposable Cleaning wipes dominate the disposable wipes market, wipes are used for more than just cleaning babies. There are many categories for which we are seeing wipes growing in popularity for both consumer and industrial applications. Personal & Household CarePersonal care wipes ar...

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  • Features Of Airlaid Paper

    Features Of Airlaid Paper

    The resulting Airlaid Paper Manufacturer's products are extremely absorbent, providing superior water retention and an extraordinary amount of luster. Airlaid Paper is manufactured in either flat rolls or in horizontal rolls. The paper is made from a dry non-woven fabric. The fabric is then combine...

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  • DIY Mask Making

    DIY Mask Making

    All-Natural Chocolate Face MaskWhat’s better than tasting chocolate? Using it as a beauty treatment. With this DIY Facial Mask for normal skin, your face will feel soft and silky by the time you wash it off. With oatmeal to clear your face of dead skin cells and honey and cream that both moisturiz...

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  • The Role Of Disposable Cleaning Wipes

    The Role Of Disposable Cleaning Wipes

    Personal & Household Care Disposable Cleaning wipes are one of the many categories experiencing growth in this market. Nearly all consumers interact with disposable wipes. Whether they are using adult moist toilet tissue, toddler toilet care wipes, antibacterial hand wipes, or makeup removing ...

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  • Placemat Made By Airlaid Paper

    Placemat Made By Airlaid Paper

    From durable plastic to elegant linen designs, the most suitable placemats for home use depending on how often they are used and how much protection the dining table needs to prevent spills and hot dishes. Although there are many materials to choose from, each material has its own advantages and di...

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  • Use Of Disposable Bath Towel

    Use Of Disposable Bath Towel

    Disposable Bath Towel products are very light, absorbent and easy to wipe dry. They are 100% recyclable and completely environmentally friendly. Disposable towels absorb more liquid than cotton towels. These high-quality towels are ideal choices for all businesses and consumers. Personalized dispos...

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