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Huzhou Yaojin Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd. established a non-woven fabric research and development centers, specialized R&D non-woven series products.

Huzhou Yaojin Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Huzhou, Zhejiang. It has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It is close to the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, which is only 20 minutes from Hangzhou and 2 hours from Shanghai.
The company has introduced an internationally advanced non-woven fabric production line, specializing in the production of various specifications of non-woven fabrics and deep-processed products of various non-woven fabrics.

Why choose us

Specialized R&D Non-woven series product

  • According to customer requirements, the company can provide one-stop service of unique product design, printing and production. At the same time, it receives key support and protection  from  the government for large-scale private enterprises.

  • The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient. It is close to the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, which is only 20 minutes from Hangzhou and 2 hours from Shanghai.

  • The product has the characteristics of good water absorption, good flexibility, good air permeability, strong toughness, easy processing, easy washing, easy stitching, sanitary and sterile, etc. At the same time, products with special processes can be produced according to the special requirements from customers.

  • Through years of hard work of the company, our partners have spread all over the country, and the cooperation of traders has sold many of our products, and has developed into a certain-scale manufacturer.

  • The main products include: spunlace non-woven fabrics, microfiber non-woven fabrics, non-woven calendered fabrics, non-woven fabric rolls, depilatory cloths, depilatory sheets, household wipes and other non-woven products.

  • The company has a clear division of labor and has an independent R&D department, design department, quality inspection department and a professional marketing team.


  • Hygiene products

  • Medical cloth

  • Industrial cloth

  • Face Mask for DIY

  • Kitchen cloth