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  • Why use airlaid paper?

    Why use airlaid paper?

    Airlaid paper, also known as airlaid pulp non-woven fabric, is a dry-laid non-woven fabric. Airlaid paper has unique physical properties, such as high elasticity, softness, hand feeling, excellent verticality, extremely high water absorption and good water retention performance.From its English name...

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  • Do not use cotton pads

    Do not use cotton pads

    One material that is often overlooked is cotton. The cotton pads that are often used in our beauty programs are more harmful to Mother Earth than you think. The strain on our planet cotton is considerable.Cotton cultivation has a huge impact on the environment, especially when it is not of organic o...

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  • Why Buy Airlaid Paper?

    Why Buy Airlaid Paper?

    Airlaid paper is a special type of nonwoven paper developed by German Airlaid Company. The name "airlaid" refers to airlaid pulp derived from the woody stems of oak trees. Non-woven paper has special physical properties, good hygroscopicity, high drapability, good gloss, good drapability and good wa...

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