Why is non-woven fabric so popular?

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Why is non-woven fabric so popular?

Non-woven fabrics are formed by directly forming a fiber web from fibers or polymer particles, and then consolidating the web. Non-woven fabric is broadly defined as a sheet or net structure in which fibers or filaments are entangled by mechanical, thermal or chemical means. They are flat porous sheets made directly from individual fibers or molten plastic or plastic film. The non-woven fabric market is divided by technology, material, end user industry and region.

Non-woven fabrics are popular because of their low cost, light weight, and durability. They are fabrics that do not require spinning and weaving. The non-woven fabric does not contain any chemical ingredients, is very stable, non-toxic, does not have any special smell, and has no irritation to the skin.

Non-woven fabrics are one of the most versatile materials on the market today. Non-woven bags are used in many industries in our daily life. With its attractive non-bag fabrics, it is the brand of advertising companies, and customers provide a form of free advertising and endorsements.

Unlike other fabrics and substrates made by knitting, weaving or other processes, our non-woven fabrics can meet the stringent performance requirements of customers for diverse applications. Non-woven fabrics are a dynamic, value-added alternative to more traditional materials. With the help of non-woven technology, fabrics can be designed to have a series of characteristics that other materials simply cannot match.