Why Buy Airlaid Paper?

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Why Buy Airlaid Paper?

Airlaid paper is a special type of nonwoven paper developed by German Airlaid Company. The name "airlaid" refers to airlaid pulp derived from the woody stems of oak trees. Non-woven paper has special physical properties, good hygroscopicity, high drapability, good gloss, good drapability and good water retention.

Unlike many other paper types, airlaid uses oak as the primary wood. The paper is then woven and processed into various sizes and thicknesses. The resulting product is extremely absorbent, with excellent water retention and exceptional shine. Airlaid paper is manufactured in flat or horizontal rolls.

Unlike ordinary papermaking processes, airlaid paper does not use water as the carrier medium for the fibers. The fibers are carried by the air and form the structure of the paper. Airlaid structures are isotropic.

The raw material is rolled long fiber softwood fluff pulp. The pulp is defibrated in a hammer mill. Defibrillation is the process of separating fibers from each other before entering the paper machine. Important parameters for dry defibration are chop energy and knot content. Typically, airlaid paper consists of about 85% fibers. Adhesives must be used in spray or foam form.