Use of wet wipes and disinfection wipes

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Use of wet wipes and disinfection wipes

It is necessary to use wet wipes to clean your hands. Wet wipes are useful when there is no water around or you cannot go to the toilet and wash your hands. When working in an office or dining in a restaurant or car, wipes are ideal. It is safe for different types of skin and will not cause allergic reactions.

Our wet wipes are packed in buckets and are suitable for disinfecting and cleaning hands or surfaces of dust, bacteria and sticky residues, so that they can be cleaned without soap and water. To use disinfectant wipes properly, always follow the label and never mix with other products. Avoid touching wet surfaces after wiping. Let the surface air dry.

Disinfection is a chemical process that can reduce or even kill bacteria on the surface so that they can be safely touched. Usually you will disinfect the kitchen and other food contact areas. Disinfection requires more powerful solutions to destroy bacteria, not simply reduce them. You may disinfect the area where the baby's diaper is changed. The hospital disinfects areas that have been in contact with blood or other body fluids.

If you choose wet wipes, make sure to use them on only one surface, and then discard them. Do not reuse a paper towel all the time, because you are most likely just moving bacteria from one surface to another.