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Airlaid Paper'S Technology

Anpap Airlaid Process is an efficient and reliable method to produce high-quality Airlaid Paper without compromise. Efficient production and rapid level changes enable you to flexibly respond to customer needs immediately. Quick start means higher production efficiency, less waste, less production downtime, and higher return on investment.

Pulp defibration / Anpap Hammermill
This is the beginning of the Airlaid process. In the production of high-quality airlaid products, efficient and nit-free defibering is essential. Anpap's direct-drive hammer mill is an industrial heavy machine designed to separate pulp for nit-free Airlaid products. Our hammer mills are durable and easy-to-use equipment with low operating costs and a high return on investment.

Ampa drum forming
After the pulp is defibered, it is then guided to the forming part. The forming section is where the most critical stage takes place, where the pulp forms a web. This is where the "pressurized" forming head intervenes.

The forming head is an easy-to-use high-quality machine designed for air laying. You can use 100% pulp, 100% synthetic fibers, or any mixture of natural and synthetic fibers (maximum 12 mm).

One of the characteristics of molding is the closed circulation through the secondary air homogenizer, which makes the molding head have unparalleled performance and efficiency compared with other products. Our transverse profile adjustment system ensures that a uniform web with an excellent transverse profile is formed. The industrial stainless steel structure and attention to detail make it durable. Anpp molding can also be combined with any other non-woven process.

The transfer part is designed for high-speed paper web transfer and durability. The transfer part can be equipped with one or two embossing calenders. Using a double embossing calendar, you can easily and quickly switch the paper quality/pattern without any production downtime.

Tied up
The binding/spraying station on the drying net enables customers to use adhesives, such as latex, for binding. The adhesive metering system and a special spray bar with variable nozzles enable customers to accurately control the amount of adhesive.

Drying and curing
Drying is the most important thing after the molding process. Without a good drying system, it is impossible to obtain good product performance. The ventilation drying system is the most advanced solution for the most demanding customers. Excellent transverse temperature profile and temperature control can ensure that the web is dried uniformly and there will be no difference in product characteristics.

Cooling and finishing
Thermally bonded products need to be cooled after the curing process to stop bonding. Cooling and finishing can be done by calendering, water mist, or air.

Slitting and winding
Reliable slitting and winding equipment are essential to keep the process running smoothly even at high production speeds. We know from past experience that everything can go smoothly only when high-quality products are used for slitting and winding. Anpap's experienced partners ensure to provide our customers with the most advanced slitting and winding solutions.

The final product Airlaid paper is a valuable asset for producers and customers. The paper must be firmly protected from dust, moisture, and other harmful substances and objects that may damage the product. High-level partners provide Ampa with the latest designed packaging/packaging equipment to ensure product safety.

Process air system
Our unique experience in process air systems gives us an advantage in designing the most advanced airlaid systems. The equipment we use in our process air system, such as process fans, comes from high-quality manufacturers. We only provide our customers with the best-customized solutions.

Dust filtration
When performing dust filtration for pulp fibers, it is necessary to understand the pulp fibers and their characteristics in-depth. Small design errors can occur as major problems in the process and high downtime. AMPA's 30 years of experience in dust control taught us a deep understanding of how to make dust filtration work properly in process industry applications. In our opinion, dust filtration is effective if only a few people know it even exists.

Wire cleaning
The advanced wire cleaning system is designed to keep the wire/fabric clean. By keeping the wire clean, higher productivity and longer wire life can be achieved. Longer wire life means less production downtime and a better return on investment.

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